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Rating Online Casino Wellcome
Casino Review
1 $888 98.7 Online Casino Free Download 95 like itRushmore Review
2 Online Video Poker Casino - Cherry Red Casino
$2400 98.5 Online Casino Free Download 60 like itCherry Red Review
3 $1000 98.3 Online Casino Free Download 49 like itSilver Oak Review
4 Online Video Poker Casino - GO Casino
$1000 98.2 Online Casino Free Download 40 like itGo Casino Review
5 Online Video Poker Casino - Online Vegas Casino
$5000 97.9 Online Casino Free Download 39 like itOnline Vegas Review
6 Online Video Poker Casino - Royal Ace
$1000 97.6 Online Casino Free Download 33 like itRoyal Ace Review
7 Online Video Poker Casino - Millionaire Casino
$5000 97.3 Online Casino Free Download 31 like itMillionaire Review
8 Europa Casino
$2400 97.5 Online Casino Free Download 31 like itEuropa Casino Review
9 Super Slots - Online Casino
$500 96.8 Online Casino Free Download 30 like itSuper Slots Review
10 Online Video Poker Casino - Bodog Casino
$100 96.5 Online Casino Free Download 27 like itBodog Review

How to Play Video Poker and Win

Video poker is an immensely popular casino game that requires a high level of skill in order to be successful.  Most importantly, it is a game that you can win quite frequently.  In fact, you can have the odds more than 100% in your favor every time.  We’re not kidding!  Now this doesn’t necessarily mean you will win every time.  For instance, if you only have $1 to wager, put everything into that hand and lose, you would turn out to be a 100% loser.

Instead, the key is knowing how to approach the game.  Once you learn the ropes, video poker can turn out to be a very profitable venture.

Don’t Count on Your Luck

Unlike slots, which are merely a game of pure luck, video poker is a game skill.  While this aspect can add to the degree of difficulty, it also adds to the excitement and is the very reason why the odds tend to work out so much better.  The payouts usually hover just above or below the 100% mark.  This essentially means that you might lose in the beginning, but slowly turn the tide and come out on the top in the end.  If this is true, then why does video poker produce so many losers?  People lose at this game for three main reasons:

1.) They do not fully grasp the concept of the game.

2.) They do not wager with enough coins.

3.) They don’t quit when they are ahead, typically because of greed or being overly optimistic about winning the big jackpot.

All of the above tendencies result in a losing player more often than not.  Of course, you might score a few minimal wins, but soon, there will be no more money to bet.  A player who cannot withstand the inevitable and sometimes lengthy drought period will be wiped out clean before they even have a chance to sniff the big payout.  To make a long story short, don’t rely on lady luck.  Know what you’re doing, play aggressively smart, and you have a better chance of winning at video poker.

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Location is Everything

The smarter buyer does not rush into anything.  Instead, they take their time and shop around.  The game of video poker should be viewed in the same manner.  Whether it’s online or down on the strip, rather than approaching the first machine you encounter, shop around for the best deal.

Before making a final decision, it is absolutely critical that you inquire about the payouts.  This is extremely important because some casinos change the payouts of their machines frequently, quite similar to how roulette wheels are often moved to deter players who make a habit of trying to analyze wheel imperfections.  The casino you decide on for video poker could play a huge role in the odds, percentage payout, house edge, and ultimately, your chance of winning.

Know When to Fold It

If you are not playing the max bet in video poker, you are essentially throwing money out the window, as this method hinders your possibilities of winning.  Many corporations have folded because they were under-capitalized; the same can happen to you in this game.  The less money you have to play with, the more critical is becomes to stop right then and there.  This is the case even when you are modestly ahead.  If can only afford to one-coin bet your way through video poker, this is probably a sign that you don’t need to be gambling at all.  Instead, let your bankroll build up to a point where you can comfortably bet the maximum or find yourself a more affordable game.  By taking the cheap route, the only thing you are really doing is making the casino richer while limiting and backing yourself into a no-win situation.

Know Your Video Poker

When it comes to video poker, there is no one standard winning strategy for the simple fact that there is such a wide variety of games.  However, there are some common approaches you can take with you into all games.  If you want to keep your positive winning advantage over 100%, you need to make it a priority to always bet the maximum and take the necessary measures to improve your hand.  Once you come to understand all the intricacies of video poker, this could end up being your preferred casino game.

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